Department of Wines and Distillates

The Department of Wines and Distillates evaluates and selects prized bottles, aiming to be a delightful meeting place and discovery site for collectors and enthusiasts.

The Fine Wines&Spirits market, which has seen significant growth in the last decade, finds its identity in the combination of hedonism, knowledge, and investment.

The auction can therefore become an opportunity to deepen one’s passion, find the desired bottle, and a way to diversify one’s investment portfolio. From this perspective, in recent years, the sector has experienced strong growth, creating an important and extremely interesting niche for investment: Super Tuscans, the great wines of Piedmont, the legendary wines of Domaine Burgundy and the Château of Bordeaux, along with Champagne, are some of the types that have best managed to attract attention both in terms of quality and financial performance. Among the distillates, Whiskeys are definitely in the spotlight. Bottlings of great value and charm – often produced in a few specimens – never fail to provide excitement: Macallan, Springbank, Laphroaig, Bowmore, and Port Ellen are just a few of the great names in Scotch. Not to mention some Bourbons and Japanese Whiskeys, increasingly sought after. Distillates such as Rum (think of the very rare Caroni), along with the French distillates Cognac and Armagnac, for which you can find nectars aged in barrels for almost a century, are other types to consider greatly.

We offer free research and evaluation for fine wines and distillates. For evaluations and appointments, email or call 3348485213.

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