The leading department of the Art International Auction House Bologna is that of Modern and Contemporary Art, directed by Lorenzo Raccagni, a passionate scholar and connoisseur of the sector in which he has been active for years.

The Department of Modern and Contemporary Art of Art International Auction House in Bologna deals with works by authors of national and international importance that span a period of time from the beginning of the century. XIX up to the present day. In order to offer them for sale, paintings, sculptures, author ceramics, drawings and important graphics are examined, with the aim of putting back into circulation valuable sculptural and pictorial works from private collections, to enhance them and propose them for sale. also international.

In the proposals of the Art International Auction House in Bologna there are the greatest names of the historical avant-gardes, the best figurative tradition and the latest international trends, without forgetting the numerous artists of great cultural and aesthetic significance who were born in the city of Bologna or in our region.

The specimens, examined and selected following a careful check of the state of conservation and an in-depth research on their history of exhibitions and publications, are accompanied by the necessary certificates of authenticity. The assessment of the works also contributes to the determination of their degree of artistic relevance within the author’s production and the artistic-stylistic current in which they are placed. This procedure ensures the protection of the seller and constitutes a guarantee for the buyer.

Best awards of AUCTION 4 MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ART of 10 July 2020:

Lot n. 147: Victor Vasarely “Gris-2”, 1948-1962, oil on canvas cm. 84 × 124. Sold at € 99,200.00.
Lot n. 146: André Lanskoy “Composition”, 1973-74, materic oil on canvas cm. 81 × 54.5. Sold at € 9,920.00.
Lot n. 150: Arnaldo Pomodoro “Croce”, 1960, lead sculpture cm. 31X31x5.5, one-of-a-kind. Sold for € 9,300.00.
Lot n. 126: Renato Birolli “Composition”, 1951, oil and mixed media on wood cm. 50 × 70 Sold for € 6,696.00.
Lot n. 100: Lucio Saffaro “The portrait of Kepler”, 1967, oil on canvas cm. 90X75. Sold for € 6,200.00.
Lot n. 124: Carlo Corsi “Blue figure n.2”, 1952, tempera and collage on cardboard cm. 49 × 72. Sold at € 6,200.00.
Lot n. 71: Piero Manai “Still life”, 1982, oil on paper cm. 71 × 53. Sold at € 5,580.00.
Lot n. 159: Cleto Tomba “Ferragosto”, 1955/60, polychrome terracotta sculpture applied to a wooden table cm. 23X24x13.5. Sold at € 3,720.00.
Lot n. 32: Luciano Bartolini “The fragile shell”, 1936, etching on paper. Sold at € 3,472.00.

Among the lots present in the catalog of the inaugural auction held on 8 February 2020, we include works by international authors such as Mimmo Rotella (Lot 36: “Moira Orfei, decollage on canvas cm. 142 x 100, Walter Chiari collection), Salvator Dalì ( Lot 81: “Hommage a Newton”, bronze sculpture 35 x 20 x 7 cm, specimen 321/350. Lot 133: “Venus spatiale” 1977-1984, bronze sculpture 65 x 32.5 x 35.5 cm, specimen 44 / 350), Arman Pierre Fernandez (Lot 77: “Saxophones” 1988, bronze sculpture composed of 11 saxophones 92 x 127 cm, authenticated and archived work), Mattia Moreni (Lot 71: “The computer under the skin”, 1995, oil on canvas, 65.5 x 50 cm), Giorgio Morandi (Lot 140: Landscape, Chiesanuova, 1924, etching on paper 15.5 x 15.8 cm, published in the general catalog of Giorgio Morandi’s engravings), Sepo Severo Pozzati (Lot 47 : “Mondina”, oil on panel 67 x 55 cm).

Art International Auction House Bologna offers expert appraisals and consultancy, with the possibility of selling and buying through auction or private negotiation.

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