Participation in the auction implies the unconditional acceptance of the Sales Conditions reported in the relative catalog, as well as on the website of Art International Casa d’Aste Srl of Galdenzi Grazia.
We would like to specify the following terminology adopted for the attributions:
ARTIST’S NAME: we believe the work to be work of the artist.
ATTRIBUTED TO: we believe the work to have been executed by the artist, but with a certain degree of uncertainty.
BOTTEGA OF / SCHOOL OF: work executed by an unknown artist but in the bottega of the artist, realized more or less under their supervision.
CIRCLE OF: we believe the work to have been realized by an unknown artist, with connotations which can be associated to the artist named. It is possible that it was executed by a student.
STYLE OF / FOLLOWER OF: work of a painter that follows the style of the named artist; it could be a student or a contemporary or nearly-contemporary artist.
MANNER OF: work executed in the style of the artist but in a subsequent period.
OF: copy of a known painting of the artist.
STYLE OF: work executed in the style indicated but in a subsequent period.

  1. The terms “signed” and/or “dated” and/or “written” signifies that the information reported was executed by the artist’s hand.
  2. The term “bearing signature” and/or “date” and/ or “writing” signifies that, in our opinion, that the information reported seems added subsequently or by someone else’s hand.
  3. The dimensions of the paintings are reported as height by width.
  4. If not otherwise specified, the paintings are always framed.

Every auction is preceded by an exposition during which the potential buyer can examine the lots, confirm their authenticity and verify their state of conservation. Our room staff and our experts are always at disposition for explanations. If visiting is impossible, additional photos of the lots, accompanied by a description of the condition of the piece, may be sent by request via email. Such information is entirely subjective and no employee or collaborator of Art International can be held accountable for eventual errors or omissions.


The reserve price is the minimum price at which the lot can be sold, decided upon agreement between Art International and the seller. This information is strictly confidential; it is not disclosed by the auctioneer during the auction. If the reserve price is not reached, the lot is not sold and will consequently be removed from the auction.


The descriptions reported on the auction catalogue indicate the period and the provenance of the single objects and their state of conservation. They represent the opinion of our specialists.


The estimates reported in the descriptions of each object represent the evaluation that our exports assign to each lot.


The starting price is the sum from which the auction begins and is usually lower than the minimum estimate.


The raises in the auction house proceed with increments in the order of 10%, with variations at the discretion of the auctioneer.


The hammer price is the total at which the lot is adjudicated. To this sum, the buyer will have to add the rights reserved by the auction house, which amounts to 24% of sums up to 300,000.00€ and to 20% to sums that exceed this. For purchases made through online platforms (LIVE auction) there is an additional commission fee of 2%; this is not applied to the LIVE system linked to the Art International website (


All potential buyers that participate in the auction in person are required to complete a registration form, to exhibit a valid identification document and to display an auction paddle with a personal number for the offer before the start of the auction. In the case in which in-house participation is not possible, bidding may be carried out through writing or phone. This service is free of charge and as such, Art International is not responsible for any errors relative to the execution of the bids. Potential buyers are required to provide adequate bank references formatted as follows: half letter of presentation of one’s own bank, addressed to Art International, Via San Vitale, 23/a – 40125 Bologna.


To participate via telephone or written offers, potential buys have to compile the Bidding Form published in every catalogue or downloadable from our website, and send it through fax to the number +39 0510011075 or via e-mail to at least 5 hours before the beginning of the auction. Offers have to be in euros and do not include the auction fee or tax charges provided for by current laws.

Written offers are fulfilled on behalf of the bidder at the minimum price possible, considering the reserve price and the other offers. Offers via telephone are organized by Art International within the limits of the availability of lines and exclusively for lots having a minimum valuation of 300 euros. Phone calls during the auction may be recorded. Potential bidders via telephone give their consent for their conversations to be recorded.


Buyers must pay within 5 days from the end of the auction by:

  1. A) Cash for amounts inferior to €2,000;
  2. B) Cashier’s check intested to ART INTERNATIONAL Srl, subject to a preventive verification with the emissive institute;
  3. C) Current account bank check payable to ART INTERNATIONAL Srl, by agreement with the management;
  4. D) Bank check payable to ART INTERNATIONAL Srl at BPER BANCA (Bologna Azienda 20), IBAN: IT95U0538702412000003156084, Codice Swift (BIC): BPMOIT22XXX.

Buyers have to effectuate the collection of the lots purchased within 10 working days  from the end of the sale. When this period ends, Art International is no longer obligated to keep the lot in its custody, nor is it responsible for any eventual damage to the lots. Art International will charge the buyers insurance and warehousing costs, amounting to 126,00€ per week. The buyer will have to show a valid document of identification at the moment of the collection of the lot. In the case the buyer wishes to delegate the collection of the lots to a third party, the third party must bring a written delegation, as well as a photocopy of a valid document of identification belonging to the buyer. The lots will be delivered to the buyer or to the delegate only after the payment has been effectuated.


An Export License, which the buyer must obtain personally, is required in order to export items of cultural significance older than 50 years outside of Italy. Art International is not responsible for such licenses, nor can it guarantee its emission.