Palazzo Fantuzzi, also knew as Palazzo degli Elefanti, is an historical residential building in Bologna, located in via San Vitale 23/a

His construction was commissioned in 1517 by the Senator Francesco Fantuzzi. This is one of the few Gentilizi Palace without portico; furthermore the use of stone distinguishes the Palace from the other buildings. 

In the corner the are two alcoves where you can find the family crest, an elephant surmounted by a rock (this is why the Palace is also kwen as Palazzo degli Elefanti).
In the front there are writings that report air-raid shelters during the Second World War. Nowadays this Palace is used as an Auction House, office and homes.
There is also an interior court characterized by an important baroque staircase enriched by historical  sculptures, Ercole and Atlante.
The last one, sculpted by Paolo Canali and Gabriele Brunelli, was inaugurated in 1680 as first of his kind in Bologna and the sketches are conserved in Uffizi in Florence.


casa d'aste bologna

Grazia Galdenzi


casa d'aste bologna

Roberto Dudine

art director

casa d'aste bologna

Lorenzo Raccagni

head of department

casa d'aste bologna

Carolina Alberghini

Room and foreign customer management

casa d'aste bologna

Chiara Carraro


casa d'aste bologna

Nicolò Tromboni